Update 9.2 – Now Live!

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Update 9.2 has just arrived on live servers and brings to the Battlegrounds a new vehicle, a long-requested feature, a new character-focused pass, and more!

Tear up the terrain on the brand new Dirt Bike, a fast and responsive single-seater motorbike that now spawns across all Battlegrounds, except Karakin. The Dirt Bike is a great choice for quick escapes, fast travel to the safe zone, and you know, flips and stuff. Obviously.

Also debuting this patch is the new Driver Shooting functionality, which lets the driver of vehicles take part in the combat action. Pick up a sidearm and unleash some good, old-fashioned road rage. We apologize in advance for how much worse this makes your squad’s already questionable driver.

A brand new pass is also now available, featuring Sadiya from Karakin’s lore and motion comics. This bite-sized pass has 15 levels, each unlocking a piece of one of Sadiya’s iconic looks. Pick up the new pass today and embody the Battle Bride herself!

There’s plenty more to check out in Update 9.2, including bug fixes and sidearm weapon adjustments. For full details, be sure to check out the patch notes.[] For now, dive in to everything the new patch has to offer.

We’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

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