Update 9.1 – Now Live!

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PUBG Season 9 is now live!

Chopper in to the mysterious highlands of Paramo, a new 3×3 map featuring our first dynamic map, active lava flows from the nearby volcano, and plenty of new ways to play! Grab your squad and take on the new map in TPP OR FPP!

With Season 9 also comes a brand new Ranked Season with the much-requested Solo Ranked Mode! Now, you can drop into the Ranked Battlegrounds and test your skills against solo opponents and you climb the ladder to glory.

We’re also starting this season with a new weapon balance pass to tone down the Beryl and SLR a bit and are implementing a new way for you make purchases in the game. G-Coin is PUBG’s new currency and is meant to give you and us more options around purchases. You’ll receive bonus G-Coin for buying bigger bundles and can now also receive it as a reward.

Speaking of rewards, Survivor Pass: Highlands has the gear you need to take on Paramo in style! This pass will be shorter than previous ones, but now features G-Coin in some rewards, letting you save up a bit towards your next pass or whatever else you want! Pick up Survivor Pass: Highlands today and get leveling!

For full details on Update 9.1, you can check out our patch notes[]. For now, grab your squad and drop into the highlands!

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