Update 8.2 – Now Live!

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Update 8.2 is now live on PC servers and brings two new loot items, some updated weapon models, updated seaside locations on Erangel, some bug fixes, and more!

Unpack the latest weapon, the devastating MG3, now dropping in care packages on all non-ranked Battlegrounds. This new LMG comes with a variable fire rate between 660 and 990 rounds per minute and does increased damage to vehicles. Drop prone and pull out the gun's built-in bipod for added stability when spitting bullets across longer distances.

The brand new Decoy Grenade is also available now, spawning across Sanhok in Normal Matches. With the ability to mimic the gunfire sounds of various weapons, even to the point of spitting out shell casings, this compact distraction might be just what you need to get the drop on an enemy or at least turn their head for a moment.

All this and more now available on live servers. 

Read full details in our Patch Notes[] and drop in to check out everything new!

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