Update 7.2 – Now Live!

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Update 7.2 has just hit live servers and brings with it PUBG’s long-awaited Ranked Mode[]. In Ranked Mode, up to 64 seasoned opponents battle it out in squad based combat to try and increase their Rank using a new competitive ruleset that puts more focus on loot and pacing. As you complete ranked matches, your Rank Points will rise and fall depending on your performance, which will move your Rank and Tier in turn. Reach at least Gold V and you’ll be rewarded with some exclusive skins at the end of the season!

Also in this update is this season’s balance pass, which makes shotguns a little more reliable, lowers the power variance between some ARs, and brings some quality of life improvements to vests. Unfortunately, due to a usability issue, we’ve had to postpone the planned Gas Can improvements to a later date. We’ll keep you updated once we have a better idea of when to expect it.
Update 7.2 is live, so read on for all the changes!

Update 7.2 is live, so read on for all the changes!

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