Update 6.2 – Now Live!

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PUBG Update 6.2 is now live!

Dive into the mayhem of the all new Team Deathmatch game mode, the first in a series of alternative ways to play PUBG that are coming to our new Arcade section of the menu. We’ll add and rotate new game modes as time goes on, but for now you can enjoy the FPS classic 8v8 frag fest.

Battle Royale is getting a bit of a change up as well with some much requested alterations to how frag grenades and other throwables work. There’s a lot here but the main changes are that frag grenades weigh more and their damage is now reduced by your vest. To see all the changes, be sure to check out the Update 6.2 Patch Notes.

We’ve also got loot changes, including the fan favorite G36C and MP5K guns, coming to Karakin, a visual update to the Blue Zone to help you see better, some improvements to blood effects at a distance, and the new parachute follow mode that ensures you always land near your chosen squad mate.

All this and more in Update 6.2, now live! For full details, you can check out patch notes here.[]

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