Update 6.1 – Now Live!

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Season 6 kicks off with a bang by introducing the small but intense island of Karakin

With only a 2×2 field to work with, drops will be hotter, rotations will be riskier, and the excitement will be non-stop. Not even the cover of a building can save you from Karakin’s relentless fury. New Breach Points offer alternative entry, penetrable walls allow clever enemies to fire before you can even see them, and the all new Black Zone lays waste to entire structures- and any survivors unfortunate enough to be caught inside.

Karakin isn’t just action though, many secrets lie below the surface of the island for those with the right tools to explore. Welcome to Karakin.

While survivors are spending time on the beaches of Karakin, Vikendi will be taking a little vacation of its own. Don’t worry, Vikendi will be back, and dare we say, better than ever!

Season 6 is available now, so Squad Up, Drop In, and Throw Down!

Note: In a future update we’ll be increasing Karakin loot based on player feedback received during the testing period. We’re working to push this update out soon and will share specific details once finalized.

For more details, see our complete patch notes here.[]

Details on Survivor Pass: Shakedown here:

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