Update 4.3 – Now Live!

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PUBG Season 4 is coming to a close, but to wrap up our first full season we are ending things with a bang… or two. In Update 4.3, we’re introducing the DBS’ bullpup style double barrel shotgun action to the Battlegrounds, launching the second phase of our mastery system, Survival Mastery and bringing back a custom game mode favorite with some new features and improvements.

Take a look at the new weapons, features and improved Zombie Mode in our latest Patch Report here:

For a closer look at Survival Mastery, you can read the Dev Letter from our Mastery Team here.[]
Or watch our Survival Mastery introduction video here:
As always, we are continuously striving to address bugs and make quality of life improvements. This patch we continue to address sound issues and implement fixes for several bugs. You can find a detailed list of the adjustments and improvements in the patch notes.[]

Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH[] runs until October 15th PDT ending with the live server maintenance. Take these final weeks to finish any missions you have yet to complete. After the close of the Pass, there will be a Claimant Period for you to collect remaining rewards. You can still unlock premium rewards you’ve earned so far by purchasing Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH.

A new gun, improved Zombie Mode and a new progression system, Update 4.3 even smells new. Wait, that’s just the air freshener from the BRDM.

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