Update 4.1 – Now Live

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Unlock the Secrets of The Battlegrounds
Season 4 has arrived and with it comes Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH. The first update of the season, 4.1, is now available on live servers.

To see the major changes and updates in the patch, check out our patch report here:
This update is fully loaded with additions and balances so for a complete rundown of all the changes definitely dive into the 4.1 Patch Notes here. []

In the wake of Erangel’s destruction, there are over 100 rewards to unlock by completing a variety of missions and leveling up your pass. From the dark machinations of the Inquisitor to the rugged preparedness of the Marksman, AFTERMATH introduces new thematic skins to show you the past and future of the Battlegrounds.  Brand new to AFTERMATH is the addition of a cooperative mission system where players can work together to complete mission goals and earn rewards. The mission change system has also been improved, allowing players to use BP to swap out more missions than before.

Pick up Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH today and explore the Battlegrounds like never before! Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH begins July 23rd PDT and runs through until October 15th PDT ending with the live server maintenance (12 weeks in total).

More details on Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH can be found here.[]

There’s a lot more to explore in the updated devastation of Erangel. Be sure to read our introduction to the new Season in our patch notes that includes a video from our EP and Head of Development TS Jang here:
Prepare to drop, loot and kill your way to the final circle on the new Erangel. Find your true self. Become the Lone Survivor.

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