The PUBG Global Championship Takes Over the Golden State This November

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The PUBG Global Championship welcomes the best pro teams in the world to the battle royale tournament that’s so big, it couldn’t fit in one city. Beginning November 8 in Los Angeles, the PUBG Global Championship will put 32 teams to the ultimate test on the way to the grand final in Oakland on November 23 and 24.

Through regional leagues and pro circuits, teams have been battling all year to claim a spot in the PGC tournament. The PUBG Europe League (PEL) and PUBG Korea League (PKL) will each have a whopping six pro teams at the PUBG Global Championship thanks to strong performances at PUBG Classics[] this year and Team South Korea’s strong performance at PUBG Nations Cup.[]

As a city with a championship pedigree, Oakland has seen its share of legends. This November, the PUBG Global Champions will be the latest kings to receive their crowns in The Town.

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