Ranked Mode Rewards and Season Details

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Hello players,

Our first Ranked Season has been an exciting time for us here and it’s great to see so many people enjoy this new way to play PUBG. With just about a month left to go in the inaugural season, it’s time to talk about next season’s schedule and of course, rewards.

Upcoming Ranked Season Schedule

Season 7 was our first official Ranked Season and, due to some last minute changes needed, it was a little shorter than we’d initially planned. Going forward, future seasons will begin with the start of each new season and end once servers go into maintenance to begin the next season.

  • Season 7 Ranked Mode will end once servers go into maintenance for Update 8.1.
  • Season 8 Ranked will begin as soon as Update 8.1 goes live.

Requirements for Earning Rewards

Performance based rewards go hand in hand with Ranked gameplay. Once the season ends, you will receive rewards excuse to players in that season, based on the highest tier you were able to achieve.

The first milestone comes from simply completing your ranked placement matches in any ranked queue and rewards you an emblem for your PUBG ID.

The bulk of the rewards are reserved for players who achieve at least the Gold V tier in any ranked queue and include special Season 7 Ranked skins.

How do I get my rewards?

All rewards you earned from Season 7 Ranked will be sent to your account automatically once the season ends. This may take a little time due to the volume of rewards being sent out, but we expect the vast majority of rewards to be delivered within a few days of the season ending.

Season 7 Ranked Mode Rewards

Now onto the good stuff! There are two different categories of rewards depending on what you were able to accomplish in Season 7.

Here is what you’ll earn:

Season 7 Tier Emblem

An emblem matching your highest Season 7 Ranked tier.The top 500 players in each region will be given a special TOP 500 emblem to commemorate their outstanding achievement.

Exclusive Season 7 Skins

Players who reach Gold V tier or higher will be granted the Season 7 Ranked Motorcycle and Parachute skins!

One small update, we’d previously announced Nameplate rewards for your PUBG ID as well, but have now decided to excluded them from seasonal rewards.

We’ve made the decision to to overhaul the PUBG ID system to be more attractive and useful for players both in the menus and on the Battlegrounds. This will affect how nameplates work, so we’re removing them from the rewards list for now.

Season 7 Ranked is quickly coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time to grind out that RP and secure your rewards before we kick off Season 8.

Happy hunting and see you on the Battlegrounds!

– The PUBG Dev Team

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