PUBG Developer Bluehole went to Twitter to answer questions

Find out what Bluehole had to say about plans to wipe the leader boards as well as how patch system works on PUBG.

Q. How often will there be patches to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?Quick Twitter Q&A with Bluehole regarding PUBG

A. Weekly and Monthly.

Weekly patches are for critical bug fixes & improving anti-cheat system. Monthly for client improvements, server performance & new content.


Q. When is the next patch?

A. The next monthly will be on May 25th and it is focused on client performance. June will be focusing on server performance and reducing lag.


Q. When will the first wipe of the leader boards be done?

A. May 31st will be the first wipe and June 1st will be the new start for the leader boards.

After the wipe we will make previous stats available publicly sometime before June 15th so your progress will not be lost.


Please check out the Twitch Dev. Q&A from earlier this week and discuss this in our Facebook Community.

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  1. Deon Stevens says:

    when can we as south africa expect a server, we do not have the numbers, like EU and the rest but we support this game fully and really enjoy it, but its really a let down playing with over 200 ping

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