PUBG Week 15 Patch Notes – Early Access Weekly Update

PUBG Week 15 Patch Notes are now out. Early Access Weekly Update Details below:

Coming July 6th, 2017 new server(Southeast Asia,) many bug fixes and much more. PUBG Week 15 Patch Notes.


Today we look at what we have changed and fixed in our week 15 patch.

This patch will be deployed to the Test Servers on Wednesday, July 5, and if everything is stable, to the Live Servers on Thursday.

Early Access – Week 15 – Patch Notes


  • Added SEA (Southeast Asia) server

Client Performance

  • Improved UI performance

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused a character to walk through gas station wall.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a character to stand on top of a tunnel after getting out of motorbike inside of a tunnel.
  • You can no longer get out of a vehicle if the vehicle is blocked all the way around.
  • Fixed a bug that made a teammate’s weapon invisible in spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue of the scope crosshair appearing blurry when post-processing quality is set to high
  • Adjusted GROZA rail to better fit Holographic Sight and Red Dot Sight
  • Fixed a bug that caused ammo not to drop after dropping Extended Mag with full Backpack
  • Vehicle tire effects will change immediately when the vehicle is on a different type of ground

See you in-game,


New Maps in Progress:

PUBG Desert Map 1 PUBG Desert Map 2

  1. Siggy717 says:

    Every single time I enter a lobby and the airplane scene starts, my game instantly freezes up and I get disconnected from the servers. I have one of the top gaming laptops out there and can process this game on high to ultra there is no reason to be having this connectivity issue. It is not my internet connection because I play several other pc games that take more connectivity to play and I never once lag or freeze for minutes at a time. this is getting to be quite frustrating and a waste of my time and money.

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