PUBG Weapon Tier List

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PUBG Weapon Tier List

Find out what the top weapons are in PUBG with our PUBG Weapon Tier List.

Reddit user AnarchySwitch compiled a breakdown of the stats of each of Battlegrounds‘ weapons, providing a look at which firearms are the most powerful in each category. Though hit detection issues mean that some of these weapons might not get the job done as accurately as the below spreadsheet would lead you to believe, this at least provides players with an overview of how each gun in the game should perform:

PUBG Weapon Tier List

DISCLAIMER: This is not our PUBG Weapon Tier List. It was made on Reddit and we are using it as a great reference guide. We know that weapon preference is very personal and this is just the raw numbers. We know some guns are better, like we prefer the SCAR-L over the AKM. It’s our preference.

PUBG Sniper Rifles

The AWM is, unsurprisingly, the most powerful sniper rifle in the game, but as it can only be picked up in supply drops it’s one of the more difficult weapons to get your hands. Incredibly high head shot damage means it can decimate low-ranked armor, while it also delivers a nasty blow to the body, too.

The M24 is the pick of the bunch from snipers you can find on the floor, with it still able to deal a one shot kill with most head shots. The Kar 98 is a competent runner-up, while the SKS may not boast as much firepower but does offer a higher rate of fire.

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PUBG ARs – Assault Rifles

Though sniper rifles are the most useful tool in battle given the frequency of long-range firefights, assault rifles are much more handy for players lacking the precision to pull off a well-timed head shot, and are the most powerful alternative as a result. The AKM and SCAR offer comparable stats, though the increased stability and power of the former make it the better option. The differences between the M16A4 and the M416 are negligible, though the former’s higher rate of fire give it a slight edge.

Submachine / Light Machine Guns

If you come across an Assault Rifle you’re going to want to drop your submachine / light machine gun immediately, but if you’re left in a pinch then you’re going to want to opt for one of these guns over a pistol. The M249 and Tommy Gun can only be found in supply drops, with the former offering decent power, a higher ammo round and a slightly higher rate of fire than an assault rifle, while the latter is less powerful but more competent at spraying bullets within a close range. When the circle decreases in size, both of these guns can also be useful when dealing with close-quarters gunfights, though generally speaking you’ll find yourself outmatched when going up against someone with an AR.

The UMP9 and UZI are both underwhelming options, and should only be picked up when a pistol is your only other option. The former offers slightly better stats overall, but both suffer from very poor range and low damage, putting you at a major disadvantage if you come up against a player carrying one of the game’s more proficient weapons. Head shots are also particularly useless with the UZI, which will see you being forced to make 3+ precise shots to the chrome in order to take down an opponent. Unless you have no other option, you’re going to want to avoid these two.


Shotguns have a limited amount of uses in Battlegrounds, given how the game is more ideally suited to long-range battles with its vast open areas and copious vantage points. While each shotgun in the game packs an almighty punch when up close and personal with an enemy, most of the time you’re going to be looking to pick people off from a distance, making these weapons only advantageous in very specific circumstances.

Shotguns can come in handy when playing on a solo server, as you’re much less likely to get flanked by an enemy’s teammates if you decide to run in for some close-quarters combat. They can be particularly useful if you’re camping out in a building and covering a door, as you’ll be able to blast away any enemies that walk through before they’ve even had the chance to take aim at you. However, given the increasing pace of Battlegrounds as the game progresses, you’ll not want to keep a shotgun as a primary weapon when you’re charging towards the safe circle, though it can be a difference maker when you’re in a shootout in an enclosed area. The S686 and S1897 offer almost identical stats aside from the former’s increased range and lower clip, but either of the three available options are reasonable choices to store in your second inventory slot.


You’ll be looking to abandon the lowly pistol at the soonest available opportunity, but if you find yourself with few options then the R1895 is your best bit. Boasting nearly double the amount of power as the dismal P92, this revolver deals a significant amount of damage with a head shot, but is nonetheless overshadowed by the majority of the other weapons you’ll find on the field. But if you’re running low on ammo for your other weapons and you’re a steady shot, you can probably take down an enemy or two with this gun.

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