PUBG will be allowing new applications for Partners

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Dev. Bluehole announced that the PUBGPartners program will soon allow new applications.

“Esports Orgs & Tournament Organizers looking to be involved with @PUBATTLEGROUNDS – We will be releasing Custom Game Access Guidelines soon!”

New PUBGPartners applications will open July 1st, 2017. Source.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be opening applications for PUBG Partnership on July 1st! Apps will close on the 7th, so stay tuned.”

Applications now open! Details.

What are PUBGPartners?

PUBGPartners are content creators who are allowed access to custom matches on PUBG. These streamers and influencers are considered to be top community members of PUBG.

Requirements to become a PUBGPartner:

  • You have average concurrent  viewership of 150+ on Twitch or 50,000+ subscribers on YouTube.
  • You broadcast at least 3 times a week, or upload gaming content on a weekly basis at minimum.
  • Your content complies with Twitch, YouTube or Beam’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • You respect the BATTLEGROUNDS community and other players.
  • You are dedicated to engaging with your own community in meaningful ways.
  • You are a model of sportsmanship when you play or stream BATTLEGROUNDS.
  • Your content is free of any inappropriate material and suitable to be featured on our social media channels.
  • You are willing to provide constructive feedback to the dev team.

Advantages to being a PUBGPartner:

  • Early access to new features(spectator mode, custom game, and more)
  • Priority placement on PUBG website
  • Priority support and feedback
  • Partner exclusive swag & in-game items
  • Personalized PUBG Partner banners
  • Promotion on official PUBG social media channels.

Apply(starting July 1st,) to be a PUBGPartner, here.





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