PUBG Nations Cup – Day 2 Recap

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The second day of PUBG Nations Cup has just finished! The last Chicken Dinner winner of Day 1, Team Canada, had back-to-back Chicken Dinners from the first match today. Korea continued with strong kills and placements, despite not capturing another Chicken Dinner for the day.

The United States got its first Chicken Dinner of the event, moving them up the leaderboards. Japan outlasted the competition in the 4th match of the day during an explosive city finish in Miramar to breathe some life back into their championship dreams. Thailand earned the last Chicken Dinner of the day, cementing their region as one of the strongest during PNC.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to carry the rest of their region as Europe continues to struggle to adjust to the heightened competition, will they bounce back with a strong finish in Day 3?

The Front Runner of the PUBG Nations Cup so far is…..

Team South Korea!

Team South Korea has retained their first place position from Day 1 and is again sitting at the top of the table at the conclusion of Day 2 competition!

Here are the winners of Day 2!

Match 1 (Erangel): Team Canada (Moody, DrasseL, Kaymind, Meluke)
Match 2 (Erangel): Team Chinese Taipei (SR, ChiaWei1031, Milk, Leo)
Match 3 (Miramar): Team USA (Valliate, Sharky, Bahawaka, Zanpah)
Match 4 (Miramar): Team Japan (Dep, CiNVe, SSeeS, gabha)
Match 5 (Miramar): Team Thailand (ThanawatTH, DUCKMANZ, Min0Ru, shippyS)

And here are the standings for PUBG Nations Cup so far! 

The last day of PUBG Nations Cup starts tomorrow as teams battle for the $500,000 prize. You can enjoy PUBG Nations Cup in your preferred language, please visit to check the full schedule, scores, match stats and chat with other fans!

PUBG Nations Cup Day 3 (Final day) Schedule:

August 11, 1:00am PDT – 5 Matches

Streaming Channel:

PUBG Nation’s Cup is a gathering of the top superstars from all over the world in Seoul, all looking for a chance at glory and to prove that they are the best in the world.

Don’t miss the moment the first champion of PUBG Nations Cup is born tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

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