PUBG News PUBG Mobile Invitational Timeline and Basically How Everything Works

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Timeline and Basically How Everything Works

11/15/2018-11/24/2018 – Signups Open to PUBGM Community Members(Non-Pros)

Members of the PUBGM Community will have the opportunity to signup to be in the Draft Pool for the PUBG Mobile Invitational.

What is the Draft Pool?

The Draft Pool is just a list of everyone who signs up, once the signups close(11/23/2018), the list will be verified(checked for pros, accounts validated) and given to each of the Team Captains for scouting purposes.

As we get more and more signups, we will arrange custom matches for the signups to play in. This will give the Team Captains a chance to see prospective draft picks in action.

12/7/2018 The Draft.

6:30pm EST. Team Captains need to be ready and in-lobby before this time. We will give the information out on Discord.
7pm EST. Draft Event begins with a 20 player FPP Sanhok Boot Camp hot drop featuring all of the Team Captains. This match will decide who picks in what order of the draft. For instance; Sixless is first, Rolex is second, and MrxFlip is third place. The first round of the Draft would be Sixless picking first and continuing in the order of placement from the match. There will three total rounds of drafting.

  • Draft Round 1, Numeric Order of Sanhok Game placement 1, 2, 3, etc.
    Starting with the winner of Sanhok Game placement, each Team Captain will pick one name from the list. That name will then be highlighted to signify that this player has been picked and is no longer available to other Team Captains.
  • Draft Round 2, Reverse-order. 20, 19, 18, etc.
  • Draft Round 3, Numeric Order. 1, 2, 3, etc.
    Once all teams are full(each team has a Team Captain and three drafted players.) The draft will be over.

We will keep the list of the other signups and might reopen registration if we have any issues with the rosters. We do not want to draft backups just because we want the chance for the most people to get to play and never know what team might need a replacement.

12/8/2018-12/13/2018 – Post Draft / Pre-Event

We would hope that during the time between the Draft and the Event that Team Captains would work with their drafted team members to prepare for the event and work on unity. We plan to have some events(non-mandatory) during the weeks prior to the event to allow for team building. These events will be announced on discord. Also any trades will be considered up until the day before the event.

12/14/2018 – The PUBG Mobile Inaugural Invitational

8:30pm EST – All participants(Team Captains and Drafted Players) must be present and in lobby at this time. Details will be given over discord, and it is up to the Team Captain to make sure their team is present.
9pm EST – Event begins,

  • Game 1, Erangel, First Person Perspective
  • Game 2, Miramar, First Person Perspective
  • Game 3, Sanhok, First Person Perspective

After all three games, we will tally points and announce the top three teams. We do not have the current points system available, but it will be similar, if not the same, as BCS.

Prizes will be distributed to 1st and 2nd place team captains within a week of event conclusion. Team Captains may distribute funds however they wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Can we stream the event?

A.) Yes, with a five minute delay. We will be on a similar delay, so this will allow our event and your stream to coincide making the multistream experience better for the viewer. This will also discourage stream sniping for any of our more tryhard players.

Q.) Do we have to stream the event?

A.) No, but it would be really cool if you did.