PUBG News PUBG Mobile Invitational PUBG Mobile Invitational - December 14th, 2018 9PM EST PUBG Mobile Invitational

Event Date: December 14th, 2018 9PM EST
Draft Date: November 25th, 2018 7PM EST

About The PUBG Mobile Tournament

About PUBG Mobile Invitational

We at have decided to host a PUBG Mobile invitational. We are working with top streamers and professional PUBG Mobile players to offer a very unique series of matches.

Draft Style Teams

Team Captains will pick their teams from a list of fans who have signed up on the website, so fans will have a chance to play with their favorite streamers/pros of PUBG Mobile. We will be holding the draft November 25th, 2018. Want a chance to be on your favorite streamers team? Signup here.

The PUBG Mobile Invitational will be on December 14th, 2018 at 9pm EST.

Prize Details

This tournament is not considered competitive. It is a just for fun competition with a small prize pool. We currently have a $200 prize for the winner, and $50 for second place to be split among players at the team leader’s accord.

Streamers are welcome to stream the tournament with a small delay.

The PUBG Mobile Invitational will feature PUBG Mobile influencers as well as community leaders from Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, Omlet Arcade and more.

There will be three games, one on each map. Kills will count very heavily in scoring and we will post the scoring chart shortly.


We will be adding more team captains daily. Feel free to come back to this page for updates.

Want a chance to play with your favorite pro players? Signup here


Team Juicy Featuring G25 Juicy 


Team Rolex Featuring Lights Out Rolex

Team Beowulf Featuring Gankstars Beowulf 


Team Sixless Featuring G25 Sixless 

Team Zootay Featuring Wildcard Zootay


Team Hailey Featuring BA Hailey 

Team DumpinOnEm Featuring Squad On Me Dumpin


Team BunnY Featuring BunnY 

Team SammmL Featuring Cloud 9 SammmL


Team Trollin Featuring UnderRated Trollin 

Team SaltyElaine Featuring BA Salty 


Team MrxFlip Featuring Wildcard MrxFlip 

Team Cotto Featuring Cloud 9 Cotto 





Qualifying for the Draft

What could cause a player to be denied a spot on the draft?

  • The player has been an active member in a team which has placed in the top 3;
      • STAR tournament
      • Wicked Gaming tournament
      • BCS tournament
      • PESL tournament
  • The player is a member of a clan in which the clan competes in these tournaments. This can be handled on a case by case basis when the members of a casual member of the clan and not in a competitive role.
  • The player is well known for being a competitive player. PUBG Mobile Invitational

The PUBG MOBILE INVITATIONAL consists of three matches:

  1. Erangel, First Person Perspective
  2. Miramar, First Person Perspective
  3. Sanhok, First Person Perspective reserves the right to customize game rules such as weapon spawn amounts and bluezone speed.

Cheating and Penalties

All third party assisting software that changes the game content (e.g. crosshairs, game interface, SFX, speed, game screens, etc.) are prohibited during the tournament. If players violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking. The team will be disqualified and no prizes will be given. The individuals will be banned from competing.

The use of items not obtained through PUBG-approved in-game methods (excluding official rewards) or unannounced items is prohibited. If players violate this rule, it will be treated as hacking. The team will be disqualified from the tournament and the prizes. The individual will be banned from competing.

Live Broadcast

All contents, photos, videos, replays, and other resources generated by players and the event belong to Players must accept this condition to compete.

Competition Ownership reserves all rights for the PUBG Mobile Invitational.


Game 1

1st Place –

2nd Place –

3rd Place –

Video > Uploaded after Game Ends

Game 2

1st Place –

2nd Place –

3rd Place –

Video > Uploaded after Game Ends

Game 3

1st Place –

2nd Place –

3rd Place –

Video > Uploaded after Game Ends



Watch the PUBG Mobile Invitational Live

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Watch Live on Omlet Arcade omlet arcade KobashiFPS