PUBG Labs – Ranked Ruleset 2nd Test

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Hello Players,

Last weekend, we conducted the LABS: Ranked Ruleset test. However, due to the Vikendi test running at the same time, many of you asked us for additional time to test. Because of this, we are bringing the Ranked Ruleset back for a round two of testing to give more players a chance to provide their feedback without feeling like they’re missing out on other tests.

Before we get to the details of the second test, we want to talk more on why we’re making a separate ruleset for ranked in the first place.

Why come up with a different Ranked Ruleset when the Esports Ruleset (S.U.P.E.R.) already exists? If we’re trying to have a Competitive Mode, what’s more competitive than esports? The PUBG Esports Ruleset is designed to be exciting to watch, while providing as competitive of an environment as possible to our pros. This is why, for example, the entire looting phase is minimized though increased loot and faster early zones. It’s getting players into the action faster to keep the audience engaged. This puts the focus on the competition between the professionals who play PUBG for a living, with as few external elements impacting their tactics and movements as possible, such as the Red Zone. We looked at a lot of data after releasing the PGC 2019 mode last year and came to the conclusion that the Esports Ruleset was too big of a change from the normal Public Match for most players. After looking at all the numbers, the Ranked Ruleset is an attempt to appeal to a wider spectrum of PUBG players who want to be challenged by a competitive environment but still want to play a game they know and understand.

The second Ranked Ruleset test will take place in LABS from March 13th to 16th and settings will be identical to the previous test. We’ve dropped them below again for a refresher.

The goal is to provide an environment where players can show off their skills, while maintaining the fun and unique experience of PUBG Battle Royale. Getting this right incorporates various systems, such as rank algorithm, rewards, leaderboards, and much more, which is why it’s crucial for us to analyze gameplay data and get your feedback.

As before, feedback from this test will help us determine whether we need to make some adjustments before we go live with Competitive Mode, so be sure to share your thoughts on the current settings. We’ll take a look at your feedback alongside the data we receive once the test is over and decide the next moves from there. Our goal is a fun and competitive environment that allows players the chance to prove their skills while still feeling like PUBG Battle Royale.

Thank you and enjoy the Ranked Ruleset test!


  • Number of players: 64 players
  • Perspective: FPP / TPP
  • Squad only
  • Random map (Erangel / Miramar / Sanhok)

Test Period

  • Mar 13 16:00 KST ~ Mar 16 16:00 KST

Ranked Ruleset Changes

Red Zone
In public matches, Red Zones spawn randomly across the map, but generally appear more centrally on the map. However, in Ranked Ruleset, the Red Zone is placed towards the edges of the safe area. This encourages players to keep moving and get to the safe zones sooner, meaning players will have to make quicker decisions when it comes to looting, fighting, or moving.

  • Smaller Red Zone than public matches
  • Fewer shells (explosions within the Red Zone)
  • Red Zone size and frequency decrease as the match progresses
  • Red Zone bombing duration is less than public matches 

Item Spawns
We have adjusted the item spawns in the Ranked Ruleset to provide a competitive gameplay environment while maintaining the original familiar Battle Royale experience you know from public matches.

However, players will still have to loot several areas in order to be fully equipped and we expect combat during these phases to contribute to your loot as well.

  • The total amount of item spawns on all maps are greater than that of in public match
  • Increased item spawn rate of primary weapons, armor, and healing items

Blue Zone
We have adjusted the zone settings to ensure the maximized use of all areas on the Battlegrounds. In early stages of Blue Zone, players will have to move a little bit more swiftly compared to public matches.

After the early phases, zones are set to have players more likely to be engaged with other teams and players. With these new settings, players will be able to prove their skills in much more tense environment than public matches.

  • Early phase: Similar to existing public matches, but with a shorter prep time
  • Middle phase: Blue Zone speed is much quicker, similar to Esports Ruleset settings
  • Late phase: Blue Zone has higher damage but moves slower. Players in this phase will be under pressure to pick their fights and keep moving.


  • The starting plane’s flight path is more likely to fly closer to the first safe area.
  • Vehicle spawns are same as the normal games, however, motor glider is disabled until we have further analysis and feeback. 
  • Flare guns will be spawned as they provide a strategic choice between care package and BRDM-2 while taking a risk.
  • Unlike the previous test where players were not able to collect any rewards, in this test players will be able to gain BP.

Thank you in advance for your feedback and we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!


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