Find out everything you need to know about PUBG Guns.

There are many PUBG Guns and they all have their various extensions and ammo. We are going to a quick and dirty breakdown of all of the PUBG guns. If you want more details information, check out our PUBG Weapon by the numbers.

First off, we have PUBG Sniper Rifles. We have the .300 ammo class sniper, the AWM. There is the 7.62 Ammo class sniper rifles: Kar98k, M24, Mk14, and the SKS. Then we have the 9mm sniper rifle the VSS. Coming next week is our first 5.56 sniper rifle, we will have the Mini-14.

Next off we have the PUBG Assault Rifles. In the 7.62 AR class, we have the AKM and the Groza. In the 5.56 category of ARs, we have the M16A4, M416, and the SCAR-L.

In the Light Machine Gun class, or LMG for short, we have the M249, It uses the 5.56 ammo and is very good when lying in a prone position due to the recoil being much better controlled.

Next is the sub machine gun class, or SMG. This is going to be your Micro-UZI, Tommy Gun(crate only), UMP9, and the Vector. The Micro-UZI and UMP use the 9mm ammo and the Vector/Tommy Gun use .45 caliber ammo.

Shotguns are the next class of PUBG Guns. They all use the 12 Gauge ammo class. These are the S12K(ar style shotgun), the pump action shotgun S1897, and the double-barrel shotgun the S686.

There are also pistols and bows. We aren’t going to go into details about them as they are just aren’t viable PUBG weapons right now. See our full detailed breakdown here for those.

Million dollar question, What’s the best PUBG gun in the game?

The awesome thing about Battlegrounds is the way you can play your own way. Here is our suggestion based on experience in the game. You need a good assault rifle, all are viable in all situations. Depending on skill and preference a sniper is the best other weapon. Also an LMG, SMG or a shotgun is acceptable to deal with close range end-game. 

Our favorite:


Other choices:


Any AR/Shotgun/LMG/SMG.

SKS/UMP9 can be a really strong combo if you are good with the SKS.

We found an awesome breakdown of weapons at Gamepedia as well.