PUBG Free Weekend Starts Now

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Hi everyone,

The PUBG Free Play Weekend kicks off today, giving everybody the chance to play PUBG for the next 4 days completely free! On top of the free time, players who choose to purchase the game this weekend can do so at a 50% discount. Here’s what you can expect from the event:

Free Play Weekend & 50% Off Event
  • Event Schedule: 06-04-2020 17:00 UTC ~ 06-08-2020 17:00 UTC
  • During the event, everyone will be able to play PUBG for free
  • During the event, PUBG will be on sale for 50% off
  • Players participating in the PUBG Free Play Weekend who have not purchased the game won’t have access to the in-game store

With recent major updates to our maps and the all-new Ranked Mode, now’s the best time to drop in and try the game that defined the Battle Royale genre. Already own PUBG? Grab some friends who have yet to take the plunge and treat your new squad to a free chicken dinner.

Promotions like this usually come with some questions, so we’ve prepared a short FAQ to answer what we can so you can focus on getting into the game and having fun with your friends.

We’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!


How long does the event last?

  • The PUBG Free Play Weekend will be open from June 4th 17:00 UTC to June 8th 17:00 UTC. During this period everyone will be able to play PUBG for free and also receive a 50% discount when purchasing the game.

Is any of the content restricted or unavailable to free players?

  • No. With exception to the in-game shop, Free Play Weekend participants will have access to the whole game, whether they own PUBG or not.
  • The in-game store will become accessible after purchasing the game.

Will earned rewards be any different for free players?

  • Free weekend players will receive the same rewards as regular players do.

Can free weekend players redeem codes for in-game items?

  • Bonus/gift codes can be only redeemed through the in-game store, which free weekend players won’t have access to.

Will my progress and rewards be saved if I choose to purchase the game later?

  • All in-game rewards and achievements such as Pass rewards, BP, XP, and RP obtained during the Free Play Weekend will be saved for whenever you do purchase the game.
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