PUBG Frequently Asked Questions

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We have compiled the most commonly asked questions regarding PUBG.

Q. How do you land quick in PUBG? pubg landing quick

A. From Reddit:

Here’s PUBG jump school… but I don’t really know everything, so I am just going to share some stuff I have found with you all.

  • Plan your entry point (plane exit) in advance. You want to minimise your flight time, and be as close as possible in terms of proximity. Time in air = bad.
  • Point your head (your character’s) vertically at the ground. You will accelerate to around 230 KM/h, which is great. You’re Iron Man status at this point.
  • MANUALLY deploy your parachute just before it is automatically deployed. At this speed you continue falling through the animation, and shed a few seconds off of your flight time.
  • Think about your landing spot. Identify where you’re going to enter as soon as you land. Master Tier status landing: land on a roof. Your parachute cuts sooner this way, and then you can either jump to the ground, or enter from the rooftop door.
  • If you’re a bit away from your target, and don’t have enough horizontal movement (you’re going down vertically too fast, and wont land close enough), stop holding W. Press it periodically, right after you get the little speed boost effect. You can use this little trick to extend your horizontal speed, and get more distance out of your chute’s deployment.

Q. When does the PUBG Crate BP Cost Reset?

A. The Pioneer Crate Cost resets every Monday at 1:00am GMT.