PUBG Dev Q&A May 14th 2017

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We got to ask questions of Bluehole Dev smookie___ regarding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Lead Animator smookie___ had a dev stream on twitch today and we got to ask him some questions about the future of the game. 

PUBG Dev Q&A May 14th 2017Our first question was if there will be an in-game report feature in the future. Unfortunately smookie___ didn’t answer us directly but two of his channel moderators did. Both confirmed us that this kind of feature is planned for the future.PUBG Q&A 05/14/2017

We asked if there is going to be any more uses for boats, for example a water town, only accessible by boat. He told us that he doesn’t know about any plans of a water town, but that it could be an interesting idea. We hope that a feature like this gets included in the future. (Clip)

To the question if there is going to be environmental destruction in the future we got told that unfortunately there won’t be any. (Clip)

The releasing of the server files eventually might be planned, unfortunately he didn’t want to tell us any more than that. (Clip)

Then we asked about what exciting upcoming features he can tell us about. In the future melee will be more playable, for example you will be able to time your attacks by pressing and holding. (Clip)

Another user asked him if there is any ETA on first person servers. He said there won’t be any soon, either on full release or the very end of early access. Prior they’re going to have to improve the quality of first person. (Clip)

Finally we asked if he could show us what settings he suggests to play fluidly. What he suggests is (Medium/Low/Very Low/High/Medium/Very Low/Low). Keep in mind though that he uses a Ryzen r7 1600 and a GTX 1060, so the settings might differ for your system. (Clip)

New weapon will NOT be the AN-94. New weapon will be coming out next update.

He also reinstated that leaderboards are meant to be reset every month and he is unknowledgable to why they still have not been reset.

Ranking systems/rewards and achievements will be implemented but not soon.

Smookie speaks on Character Customization.

2X Scope outline will be made thinner.

Ability to draw on the minimap is not planned (Answered by Community Moderator).

New drinking Animation is coming next update, all healing and boosting items will be receiving their own respective animations and will leave a trace in the game world for a small time.

Kill distribution is being adjusted.

Extra uses for Melee weapons will certainly not be happening anytime soon.

KillCams, Death replays will be added! (For solo mode).

Also news/tips mentioned so far (I will update this):

  • They will be adding more in air control over the motorbike so you can pitch left/right/forward/back, and even do a backflip staying on the bike.
  • On the bike, the passenger sitting behind the driver on the bike itself can only use SMGs, not ARs. Sidecar passenger can use any gun.
  • When you aim in third person, the bullet travels from the end of the barrel to the cross hair directly. Keep this in mind when you have objects or teammates between these two points (sitting on the back of the bike for example, better to use ADS)
  • The new drinking animation is to provide visual feedback that a teammate or enemy is healing. Also it will disarm you for a second or two, which is another thing to take into account (currently you can cancel drinking and shoot with no delay).
  • The “tab/drag” loot method which currently skips the picking up animation might get fixed. It’s on the long list for the animation department.
  • They trying to hire more devs, but lots of people get put off by the location in South Korea. If you want to work for them you should apply!
  • They will be adding an extra circle to speed up the game and change the dynamic (as per the title link)
  • The points will be reset at full release, so spend them before then.
  • May update will contain a small melee improvement. You will be able to select the attacking animation based on movement input, and hold the attack and release when ready to time it. Left swing attack, right swing attack, and overhead attack.
  • NEXT MONTHLY PATCH will be this coming Thursday/Friday with the new weapon
  • Takedowns are coming but not for a while. Next week they are going to Czech Republic to record some new motion capture for unarmed and melee weapons. They will be in the game around July/August.
  • Superman punch does 29hp base damage. If you hit the head you will hit for almost 80hp damage.
  • In the future you might be able to customise your underpants(!)
  • Vaulting got pushed back due to optimisation (which is now partially done). Vaulting will probably come next month.
  • Ghost markers in the compass should be fixed next patch.

smookie___ streams at often. So give that a check out. Thanks for reading.


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