One of the awesome Devs at Bluehole released a compendium of all the raw information regarding armor, weapons, vehicles, boosts and more.

We wanted to share this with you and make it a little more understandable for the common PUBG player. The original source information is here.

Here is the gear(armor and backpack) with capacity and durability by item level

pubg gear durability and capacity by level

Here is the armor mitigation by item level

pubg armor durability and mitigation by level

This is a breakdown of PUBG weapons, by family/category, base damage, damage to specific parts of the body, effective range(range that the gun can do the damage listed,) magazine size and audible range of gunfire(basically how loud the gun is.)

pubg weapon damage effective range

This is a breakdown of the PUBG vehicles by type, amount of health, max speed, max speed with boost(holding/pressing shift), and capacity(the amount of characters that can fit.)

pubg vehicle by type

Here is the breakdown for all weapons and how they can be impacted by attachments.

First, the most customizable weapons, the Assault Rifles and SMGs.

This is the sniper breakdown for magazine, muzzle, optics, and stock.

pubg sniper magazine muzzle pubg sniper optics stock

Here is all other guns:

Movement speed Boosts time to use time active boost gained bars achieve and total health over time