PUBG 3rd Anniversary Skin Contest

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Got some killer PUBG skin ideas in your head? With the PUBG Community Skin Contest, your ideas come to life and best of all, have a chance to be added to the game! Submit your best designs for the M416, a custom hoodie or parachute. Each item category will have one winner, with the three winning designs getting turned into official PUBG skins!

To enter, simply download the template, create your design and then share it on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #PUBGSkinContest and tag our official account on that platform, which is usually @PUBG. Our team will choose our favorites and upload the finalists to The winners will be chosen by community votes. So even if you don’t want to design a skin, you can still vote for your favorites.

More information and official rules can be found below! Thank you for taking this journey with us and we can’t wait to see the creativity you bring!

[h3]Which Skins?[/h3]

  1. M416
      Templates: JPG[] / PNG[]
  2. Hoodie
      Templates: JPG[] / PNG[]
  3. Parachute
      Templates: JPG[] / PNG[]

[h3]How to Participate[/h3]
Skin Designers
Download one of the skin templates above and design an M416, Hoodie, or Parachute!
Upload your artwork to your social accounts with #PUBGSkinContest and tag our official account on that platform.

  • Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo

Visit the voting page once finalists have been uploaded and cast your vote! You can vote for one design per category.

[h3]How to Win[/h3]

  • 1st Round: PUBG chooses the finalists
    • Judging Criteria
      • Creativity
      • Accuracy based on design guidelines
      • Correlation with PUBG brand identity
  • 2nd Round: Public Voting on
    • The most voted items in each category will win

[h3]Contest Period[/h3]

  • Submission Period: Dec 20, 2019 – Jan 5, 2020
  • Finalist selection Period: Jan 6, 2020 – Jan 10, 2020
  • Public Voting Period: Jan 10, 2020 – Jan 20, 2020
  • Winner Announcement: Jan 21
  • Skin Release: Mar 23, 2020 (PUBG 3rd anniversary!)

*Dates subject to change. Notifications will be given in the event of date changes.

  • The top voted entry in each category will be created and distributed free to all players on PUBG’s 3rd Anniversary!

[h3]Rules[/h3]Submission Guidelines

  • All artworks you submit must use the original templates provided above
  • You must keep your original file in case we request it later
  • Sign your artwork with your social account ID and one of your in-game identities in the live server (Steam in-game ID / PSN ID / XBOX Gamertag) on the template
    • Please put your IGN or ID with the platform. (e.g. PSN ID – xxxxxx)
    • Invalid or unidentified nickname/social accounts will not be considered
  • Artwork must be submitted through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or weibo
  • Submissions need to be open to the public without any restriction to view
  • You must use the #PUBGSkinContest hashtag in your entry posts and tag the official PUBG account on that platform
  • Submission after the entry period will not be considered

Design Guidelines

  • Don’t use Ghillie suit textures or greenish camouflage color
  • Don’t use symbols that hint at any religion, organization, or political orientation
  • Don’t Draw over the line from templates
  • Don’t violate the rights of any other person or company by using their trademarks, music, logos, names, or images without their express written consent
  • Don’t use any content that is obscene, offensive; sexually explicit, derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group; promotes alcohol abuse, illegal drugs, tobacco, actual firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing) or a particular political agenda; defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about other people or companies or communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will to which we wish to associate; and/or violates any law.
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