PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [Early Access] Patch Notes – 4/24/17

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Early Access – Week 5 – Patch Notes

See all of the client performance improvement, gameplay, and bug fixes for PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds Early Access Week 5.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds [Early Access] Patch Notes - 4/24/17Client Performance Improvement
Improved the drop in FPS when firing a gun or driving a vehicle

Rolled back the item spawn balance
Reduced the amount of health lost when a character is ejected from a flipping motorbike

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug that caused the door to open towards the player
Fixed a bug causing incorrect lighting on the 2x scope
Fixed a bug that caused loot to be not shown in the inventory when a character first obtained it
Fixed a bug that caused crossbow attachments not to show up in the vicinity pane
Fixed a bug that caused the sound to stutter

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