PGC Semifinals Day Three: Guess Who’s Up

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The final day of PGC Semifinals called Groups A and C to the stage. It was nonstop action and jaw-dropping surprises as teams made their final plays toward the Grand Finals in Oakland.

Did That Just Happen?

Match 6, Miramar, everyone was already making airport jokes at the expense of Faze Clan who had been unrecognizable in the Semifinals up until this point. By the middle of this now infamous Match, it became clear Faze was not only awake, they were ravenously hungry. They bought themselves a ticket to Oakland by serving up an 18 kill Chicken Dinner at the last possible moment. The possibility of last minute ascension like this is one of the staples of PUBG esports that keeps fans coming back for more!

A Lesson In Real Estate With Lazarus
An NPL favorite, Lazarus finally came through on day three of Semifinals by taking the first Dinner of the day for themselves. Lazarus behaved like real estate tycoons grabbing high value positions and highly sought after loot. For Match 1, not only were the circles in their favor but a crate landed in their lap as well. On the flip side, Faze Clan seemed to have the opposite luck as they had to put in serious mileage just to stay in the game. Watch as Lazarus uses their position to take deadly advantage over Faze:

Oakland Bound

PGC Grand Finals will show an interesting mix of the usual suspects and a slew of dark horses. With favorites like Liquid out and Faze showing up late to the party, room has been made for upstarts like Lazarus, The Rumblers and WClick. There’s no ignoring the power of PCL teams like 4 Angry Men who are a force of deadly nature and everyone knows it. Same goes for QM Gaming who crept their way through Semifinals with stealth and focus. PEL’s big hitter, TSM, has been an intimidating presence from the start of PGC and is a big fan favorite to win, but also a big target for their competition.

At this point, these teams have had a lot of face time with each other. The key now is for teams to study not only their competition but also their own playbooks. They will have to decide if they should shake up their routine to throw opponents off or stay the course with what they know works.

Match Winners
Match 1 (Erangel) – Lazarus
Match 2 (Erangel) – QM
Match 3 (Erangel) – QM
Match 4 (Sanhok) – Tempo Storm
Match 5 (Miramar) – Lazarus
Match 6 (Miramar) – Faze Clan

Grand Finals are almost here! Tune in to see the best PUBG players in the world fight to be Global Champions at![]

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