PGC Semifinals Day 2: What Time Is It? 4AM

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The PGC Semifinals were in full swing for fans in Manhattan Beach with Groups B and C taking to the Battlegrounds. Lots of unexpected moments and sizeable rank shifts made today a must watch!

Four Angry Men Walk into a Semifinal…

There was no denying the OGN Super Arena had its fair share of Four Angry Men (4AM) fans today and they were not disappointed. 4AM took firm control over Erangel and won both Matches 1 and 3. Throughout the day they were turning in consistent, kill heavy performances, leaning heavily on adaptable map control. The Blue Zones were not always in their favor but they managed to make lemonade out of lemons while turning the rest of the leaderboard sour.

Infantry Comes Alive
So far, Infantry Clan have kept themselves relatively under the radar by not making a whole lot of noise. Today they rearranged that narrative by taking the win in Match 2 on Erangel, the map 4AM otherwise dominated. Infantry ended up going head to head against North America’s Rumblers and managed to get the better of them both times. IC’s efforts managed to put them in 8th place. Keep in mind Infantry Clan in Group B and, as mentioned earlier, there are no more chances for them to make their play for the Grand Finals.

Full House Of talent

Today saw a lot of teams coming out of the shadows to show PUBG fans they earned their PGC spots. VC Gaming maintained a strong presence today which included two wins including Match 4 on Sanhok where they had to finish off WClick who were making serious moves today.

WClick is one of two Latin American teams on the battlegrounds for PGC and they pushed themselves upward in the ranks by circling in the top five all day. PKL’s OGN Entus Force was in fine form today with conservative land grab tactics keeping them in control.

Group B Takes A Seat
Since Group B played on Day 1 against Group A, today was the last day for them to make their case for their Grand Final spots. Up next is Day 3 of the Semifinals where it’ll be Group A and Group C finishing off this round of the PGC. All Group B can do is watch and hope that the performances they left on the battlefield the first two days will be up to snuff.

Match 1 (Erangel) – 4AM
Match 2 (Erangel) – Infantry Clan
Match 3 (Erangel) – 4AM
Match 4 (Sanhok) – VC Gaming
Match 5 (Miramar) – OGN Entus Ace
Match 6 (Miramar) – VC Gaming

Tune in to tomorrow, November 17 at 5:00 p.m. PT for last day of the PGC Semifinals.

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