Monthly PUBG Tournament

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Check back for news on our Monthly PUBG Tournament.

We plan to hold a monthly tournament for PUBG honor as well as prizes. We will allow non-professional squad teams and solos to be matched with a leader. Full details coming soon. The tournament will be for NA participants only(for now.)

Monthly PUBG Tournament Prizes:

1st Place: Asus Rog 1080TI GeForce 11GB link

2nd Place: ATX Motherboard X99-DELUXE II link

3rd Place: Samsung 850 Pro-Series 2.5″ 128GB SATA III Internal SSD link Monthly PUBG Tournament Rules:

  1. Tournament participants are allowed to stream, but it must be on atleast a 180 second delay to avoid stream sniping.
  2. Tournament participants must be in discord.
  3. Any teaming with other squads or anyone not in your squad will guarantee disqualifying from this tournament as well as any other tournament. We will also report you to Bluehole for this.