Limited Time Broadcaster Royale Twitch Streamer Skins: Group 6

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Group 6 of the Twitch[] streamer skins are here, featuring two of the most demanded personalities to ever join the Battle Royale, chocoTaco and WackyJacky101!

Because you demanded it, this group of items includes the first ever Broadcaster Royale Parachute skin for chocoTaco!

Skins are available for between $2.99-$9.99 each and can be purchased until May 14th, 2019 PST before the server maintenance starts. through the game client. Each sale directly benefits the Twitch streamer, so pick up your favorite skins and support them in-game and out!

This group’s streamers:

Reminder: As of December 17th, 2018, Streamers are unable to sell in-game items for PUBG via the PUBG Contraband Extension. The Extension will encourage viewers to purchase directly from the PUBG store within the game client. Viewers looking to support their favorite streamers can click the #BroadcasterRoyale menu in the in-game store to purchase and see all streamer items available.

This change does not impact any in-game content previously purchased, claimed or awarded on Twitch.

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