Popular Twitch Streamer and Former CS:GO Pro Cloud 9 Shroud Banned from PUBG

Find out why C9Shroud was banned from PUBG below along with the full story on the CS:GO Pro’s banning.

Yesterday we were watching the C9Shroud stream on Twitch (here) and noticed that Shroud’s PUBG name was FREESHROUD. This was odd because his name is normally Shroud in PUBG. We did some research and saw this on Shroud’s Twitter.

C9Shroud Banned from PUBGThis reference to “hiding all the evidence” is from a popular Youtube video featuring Shroud and his very popular Stream sniper, Banana Man (PUBG Tag H1Z1Survivor). See the video below:

This leads us to believe that the popular twitch steamer and former CS:GO pro Cloud 9 Shroud was banned for teaming in solos with Banana Man. Shroud said the ban was for three days and he would be glad to sit out his ban on his FREESHROUD account.

Check out Shroud’s response to being banned from PUBG:

  1. chris hesketh says:

    oh pubg tired of your patches every time I turn around you have a patch. once again my stats are erased let me know when you get shit together and fix your game all at once.

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