Who are the Sanhok 4?

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Operative Report S20

Name: Duncan Slade

Known Aliases: None

Date of Birth: November 19th, 1984

Country of Origin: USA

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: 1 Daughter      Height: 180cm            Weight: 86kg

Sex: Male                         Blood Type: O+          Languages Spoken: English

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Joined US Marine Corps at 18. Served 3 tours in Iraq. Honorably discharged after sustaining critical injuries from an improvised explosive device in [REDACTED]. Divorced from his pregnant wife soon after returning home. Contracted for private security work for [REDACTED] based in St. Petersburg. Arrested and sentenced to life in [REDACTED] after killing [REDACTED] in a drunken bar fight.

RELEVANT SKILLS: Mr. Slade has extensive military and combat training. Skilled in the use of most standard issue weapons and explosive devices. Strong leadership skills. Tactical analysis under pressure. Despite incarceration has maintained good physical conditioning.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Initial interviews suggest a longing to return home to meet his daughter for the first time.


Operative Report S20

Name: Pavel Dvořák

Known Aliases: Lunchmeat

Date of Birth: March 11th, 1977

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Hair color: Bald

Eye color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Children: Unknown         Height: 190cm         Weight: 100kg

Sex: Male                         Blood Type: B-         Languages Spoken: English, Czech

Born in Prague, Czech Republic. Extremely aggressive personality. Several years spent as a professional bodybuilder before moving to boxing. Banned from the Czech Boxing Association after refusing to wear gloves during a title bout. Arrested after violent altercation with Czech police over parking ticket. While in prison his violent streak continued. Currently spending 23 hours a day in solitary confinement.

RELEVANT SKILLS: No official weapons training, but highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Self-taught. Very comfortable with weapons from time with [REDACTED].

ADDITIONAL INFO: During initial interview he made it very clear he is to only be referred to as Lunchmeat, saying only that “Pavel died a long time ago.” He refuses to explain where his alias comes from.


Operative Report S20

Name: Julie Skels

Known Aliases: Julie Skeleton, The Butcher of Bucharest

Date of Birth: March 11th, 1993

Country of Origin: Romania

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue

Marital Status: Single

Children: None           Height: 172cm           Weight: 54kg

Sex: Female                 Blood Type: AB-        Languages Spoken: English, Romanian

Abandoned as an infant and raised in an orphanage in Southern Romania. Fled to Bucharest at the age of 14. Convicted of homicide at 15 and placed at [REDACTED] psychiatric hospital. Released at 18. Ms Skels would go on to be dubbed the “Butcher of Bucharest” for the alleged murder of eleven men between the years 2014-2019. During her trial she was reported to have stabbed her own lawyer with a pencil and threatened to defecate on the judge. She is currently serving a life sentence at [REDACTED] correctional facility.

RELEVANT SKILLS: Ms Skels has no formal combat or survival training. The murders she was convicted of were all committed with knives or bladed weapons, however Julie indicated a comfort with firearms during her initial interview. Records from her hospitalization indicate diagnoses of [REDACTED], Oppositional Defiant disorder, and Sociopathic Personality disorder. Further evaluation may be required before combatant is cleared for match.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Broke recruiter’s nose and threatened to defecate on him during initial interview.


Operative Report S20

Name: Madison Malholtra

Known Aliases: Mad Madison, Mad Mads

Date of Birth: February 14th, 1978

Country of Origin: United States

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Marital Status: Single

Children: None           Height: 170cm           Weight: 56kg

Sex: Female                Blood Type: A+          Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, German

Born to US Navy parents [REDACTED], Malholtra spent her early years on numerous military bases in the United States and later in Germany. Taught to repair engines at the age of 12. Studied engineering at MIT in the United States but dropped out due to financial hardship linked to a medical expense. Used her contacts overseas to negotiate numerous light arms deals, ultimately working for [REDACTED] cartel where she was arrested in a police sting.

RELEVANT SKILLS: Ms Malholtra has trained extensively in the use of light arms and sharpshooting. Highly competent engineer.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Malholtra was involved with a shipment of incendiary weaponry used in the 2016 Karakin Battleground. Upon being jailed, she reached out to [REDACTED] and requested an opportunity to compete.

Keep an eye on PUBG social channels on the 20th to learn more about the Sanhok 4.
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