Broadcaster Royale Twitch Streamer Skins: Group 8

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More Twitch streamers are getting their gear repped in the Battle Royale with exclusive new weapon and clothing skins. Our 8th phase of Broadcaster Royale skins includes skins supporting 7 streamers that bring their A game to the Battlegrounds.

This round of skins features 5 t-shirts to show pride for your favorite streamer’s community, a parachute for you JennaJulien completionists, and a beanie for Luzu with its own set of headphones – in case you want to convince the enemy you can’t hear them coming from a mile away.

Twitch personality skins are available between $2.99 – $9.99 each and can be purchased until 7/16 through the game client. Each sale directly benefits your favorite Twitch streamer, so pick up their weapon and item skins to support them in-game and out!

This group’s streamers includes:

Avori • Carlinhos Troll • Lost • Luzu

Moczy • JennaJulien • Mazarin1k

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